API Documentation

Conductor can respond with a variety of formats.

html – This is the default
xml – append the pages url with “.xml” (
js – append the pages url with “.js” ( News and Events (including Categories and Calendars) also respond to ".json".
json – if you need jsonp, request “.js” and provide a “callback” in the url (

Note: We've begun the process of also responding to ".json" as well as ".js". Try it first to see if it's available.

Requesting children

To get the children along with the page you’re requesting, add “?children=1″ to the request. (Note: this currently does not work with XML)


Note: the following examples are not funcational urls. Use your target sites Events path instead.

Events can respond to several formats. Examples:


You can also query a specific calendar:


To specify how many events you would like returned per page, use the "per_page" query param: